Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving reflections

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to get together with family, enjoy good food, yummy treats,spend time together building memories and give thanks. 

We are so grateful for so many things in our lives.  We are thankful for having healthy, happy, sweet, good children who make our lives special, much more meaningful, and they make us laugh like no one else. We are thankful for having wonderful family who support us and love us for who we are. We are thankful because we are healthy, have shelter, clothing, and food on the table, while many don't. Many times we take for granted what we have, and don't realize the many difficulties other people go through, while we practically have everything and more we need to live and be happy. 

And above all this, we thank God for giving us a new day of life, loving spirits and healthy bodies.

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