Tuesday, July 31, 2012

last week

We've been practicing with Anthony on how to write his name and David wanted to do something too, so I got him to trace the letter A.

A dear friend set up a fun playdate at the Tumblebus, but sadly David didn't stay long. 

 I wonder what he was thinking of that little boy... He did share the chalk with him :)

I attempted to make eggplant parmesan for the first time, time consuming but it turned out ok, I think it just needed to cook a little longer and the slices needed to be thiner. Usually when I cook with eggplant I put it into pastas, soups, etc. A good way to add the veggies the boys would not normally eat into their meals. I also made for the first time, homemade tomato sauce, it was good. Very flavorful. Yes, I was proud. :) I think it helped that I added tons of garlic, herbs and spices.

The boys having a good time with a swivel chair at the self-storage place. Easy entertainment.

Guess what? Another one fell sick. This time little D with Bronchitis, but after some at-home- breathing treatments and meds, he began to feel much better.

We register for the summer reading program at the library and we read 171 books! I know it sounds, and it is at lot but we read A LOT. Every night we read at least, at least two books. Sometimes during the day we read another one and since we had a rough summer with sickness all around, we, of course read a lot more. They received a bag to carry their library books, wristband, certificates, and a free book.

Killing time playing checkers while waiting on their cousin to arrive.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knights at the Capitol

Once upon of a time, there were two incredible and valiant knights that decided to visit the ruins of the Capitol ...

... and they conquered the world.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tie-dye shirts

This is my very first time ever trying to do them. I can't say that I love how they turned out but it was worth the try. The boys on the other hand really loved the experience. 

I couldn't find the squeeze bottles so we used big droppers instead and pour the dyes in mason jars. Now, after doing, I have a better idea on how to mix the colors better so gradually change them and that I don't really need to soak them with the dye too much because the colors can bleed, but when you have two little guys helping and determined to use as much as possible, that's another story :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

pieces of our week

I would say it's more like pieces of our last two weeks...

I'm determined to have more pictures of Joe and I together, he's not much of a fan of getting his picture taken but I would like to look back at those pictures and embrace those moments we shared together. Here we were at the Crosby Stills Nash concert. It was a really good show and it was also pretty neat to see that 90% of the crowd were older people, you know, sort like the first generation of hippies? :) Great energy, great show and great company.

I made Joe this painting for our anniversary. Even though he probably is the easiest guy to get a present to, it's also the hardest one, does that make sense? See, he rather choose his own present, so a gift card is the perfect gift, BUT I don't always wanna get him that, so this time I risked it and made him something.  The name of the painting is Heartbeats and is pretty much finished in this picture. I had now idea what to make but little by little I began to apply the color and then I just let go and this is what it turned out. 

I was sort of self conscious about giving it to him because a couple of years ago - pre art classes - I made him a very ugly paining. It sort of looked like doo doo balls falling down the sky. It was really bad. So you can imagine how nervous I was to give it to him. But I'm actually happy in how it turned out. It has been the first painting I've made ever since I finished school and the feeling I had grabbing those brushes and smelling the paint was amazing. 

Starbucks treat, banana chocolate smoothie. 
They were checking out a Diving magazine and they thought Nemo was on the cover. They were fascinated. 

At the fish market. 

David says they are cheeseburgers and it aggravates Anthony like crazy. David on the other hand, laughs and giggles. This is how it went down.

D:" They are cheeseburgers"
A:" NO THEY ARE NOT! They are those little thingies from my dad's music tables" a.k.a turn tables.
D:" NOOO, they are cheeseburgers!
A:" MOMMMM! David says they are cheeseburgers but they are not! ! URG! "
D:" he he he" 
Me:" He is just pretending Anthony, it's ok"
A:" But..."
Me:" It's alright, here, stand there and we'll take a picture and then you can go play"
A:" okay..."

A:" Mom, can we hide under here?"
Me:" Sure "
D:" YAY! ! ! ! ! "

I got these beautiful Native American Indian handmade bracelets as anniversary gift. Aren't they pretty? I love them.

We finally did the tie-dye shirts. My first time ever trying it. More on that on another post.

On my way to dinner with some friends last week, at a stop light I caught these clouds, are they just beautiful? I have this crazy love for clouds, their different forms and colors just amazes me. Such beauty.

I've been trying to use our juicer more often. I always thought it was broken so I didn't even get it out but it turned out it wasn't. My first one was carrots, yellow cucumbers, spinach and watermelon. Yummy and refreshing.

 He woke up in the middle of his nap to go to the bathroom. After all business were taken care of, he went back to sleep in my arms. We love snuggles :)

Safety first amigos! 

Cuties! Check her out, she posed like that all by herself :) 

A:" Let me look in the mirror mom... yeah, I'm smooth and fancy" :)

I LOVE LOVE this picture! It melts me...

Sunday treat at TCBY. My fave, cheesecake and strawberry, the boys got chocolate and Joe got berry smoothie. I think...

 Best blanket ever! A friend of our grandparents sew this blanket for them. It's so soft and comfy.

Joe found a tiny frog outside, the boys loved holding it. I, wanted to take it home ha! 

And I finally was able to make the fishtail braid. You can see I don't have much hair. Now, working on the waterfall braid, and that one is a little more complicated.

Have a good Monday! 

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