Friday, December 30, 2011

I know I know, but it's time for?....


or goals or dreams, whatever you want to call them.

Last year, as an individual I had these things I wanted to get accomplished. 
And I can say that I did a pretty good job at them. These were things I was struggling at the time and I felt I could do better. So I have worked hard on them and will continue to do it. These are things that will last with me forever and it will make me a better person. 

This year, in addition to continue my personal improvement and growth, I will add the classic one. The mother of all resolutions. The one everyone wishes to get better at...


Oh yes. I sucked at exercise this year. It was very patchy, nothing permanent. I don't know how I'm gonna stay motivated...oh yes, my kids! I wanna live a healthy long life, so I can keep running around with my kids and hopefully my grand-kids. 

Next on the list is,


And I don't mean paint the walls of the house -I did PLENTY of that this year. I mean go back to my brushes, canvas and oils I miss SO MUCH! I know I said before I was going to do it, but I never did. Having thinner smell in a house that's for sale, mmmm... maybe not so good. But what if the house doesn't sell soon ha? I'm gonna do my best. I miss painting. 

Learn something new

I don't know, maybe jewelry making, knitting, sewing (been thinking of this one a lot lately). Who knows, when I figure it out, I will be sure to let you know. I better figure it out fast! 

And one that was on my things to do before my next birthday is 

Quit biting my finger nails

There I said it! Yes, it's embarrassing, but maybe that's what I need. Be embarrassed of my ugly fingernails. I NEED to stop! Maybe I need  to join a Quit Biting Your Nails Support Group- anybody know of one? And just like exercise, my effort it's patchy. I have times when I don't even look at them and they are all pretty and shiny, but then... all gone. 

But really, I need to quit so I can get one of this artsy manicures

hahaha! No just kidding. Not my style. Maybe something like this, and even that.

Well, I think that's enough. I don't want to put too much in my plate. 

What are your resolutions?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out in the country

One of our favorites places to go to is at Joe's grandparents' property. They live in a beautiful place. The lake view, I would say is my favorite. The kids now have a playground they love to go to, and we spend a lot of time there, specially when the weather is not so cold.

 And every once in a while I like to capture little details around the lake

Isn't beautiful? 

We love it. It is peaceful

What are some of your favorites places to go to?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*During Christmas*

How was your Christmas?

We had a wonderful time with family, and the boys had a great time experiencing and understanding more the meaning of the season. This post is going to be compilation of what Christmas weekend was for us.

We had the yearly luncheon at Joe's work and as always there was delicious food, desserts, and treats. That night, we got together over at his Dad's for the his annual Christmas party.  There were pictures with the great-grandkids, grandkids, and the big kids.

Joe's dad is in the middle 


And I also sneaked a picture of Joe and I. We don't have many! So I've decided that this year and the ones to come WE ARE GONNA have more pcitures together, so get ready Mr. T! (He is probable not very excited because he dislikes his picture taken very much :)) But he loves me so and he'll do it :)

Everyone got to open some presents and the kids of course always have a great time.

We went on the next day to open MORE presents yay! This time we got together with Joe's mom and siblings.

 Baby Tanner and Daddy got matching SuperMan suits! 

Notice my Wonder Woman Tshirt?
Anthony wanted me to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween but I couldn't find it, so I surprised him with that shirt that morning. He was ecstatic!

He was so ecstatic that he decided it was time to grow up and shave ! ! ! ! 

After he shaved, we headed onto our next Christmas opening destination, Joe's dad's.

The three minis got some wheels baby!

And other stuff...

We meant to take a big family picture but time slipped from our hands. Maybe soon. We must.


It was Christmas eve at our house and so Mr. T came with the brilliant idea of making the boys EVEN MORE excited about Christmas by making some noise with bells and make some noise in the roof of our house to show the boys that Santa was very VERY close. So, I went on with our routine and while we were reading our books, the noises began. A and D were very excited and curious. We got a video of it with the video camera that I will have to figure out how to upload to show. If not, then it will have to be in person. So anyway, David started hiding under the pillow and Anthony was quietly listening. Very exciting moment. My guy is awesome.

And so Christmas came! 

Remember like I said in the previous post that we don't get Baby Jesus out until it's Christmas? Well there he was on Christmas morning.

And the fun began! ! 

The Whoopee Cushion was a BIG HIT! 

What a gift it is to see our kids playing and laughing. The best present any day of the year. It really is.

Joe read Santa's letters to the kids. 

And played all morning...

I played and laughed along with them while capturing these very special moments. We hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a great New Year. And I can't wait to party this New Year's Eve and see my family. 

Peace and Love,
Take Care...

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