Wednesday, March 28, 2012


What is one of those tangible materials things that you would consider a treasure ?

I didn't have to think about it. For me, it has always been pictures and home videos. I even joked to Joe when the tornado came through our city that I wished there had been room in the little bathroom we set shelter at, to move in the chest where the photo albums and pictures were. I was afraid I would loose them!

I take a lot of pictures and take videos also but have never really sat down to watch them until tonight. I can't say that I haven't watched any of them, I have, but those tapes from the cam recorder no. Those are the only ones that I hadn't really watched.

So lately, I'm making the effort to use that camera more than my phone and the flip because mainly for the memory space and because it seems like you can go on forever. Today, I recorded Anthony at soccer practice and at night I pulled out a couple of tapes and sat down with the guys to watch what was in it. First of all, I have to say that I need to go over all and label what each one contains.

As soon as I pressed play the image of Anthony as a baby came on. He was almost 18 months and I was pregnant with David. Wow! Seeing him that little brought me to tears, literally. Why are you crying? said Joe. Why wouldn't I? What a beautiful thing to have. To relive. To recognize that time does indeed fly and that our boys are growing! I can't do anything to stop that. It's just the cycle of life that tonight it hit like a pile of bricks. I watched David learning to crawl and learning to stand. Beautiful milestones that I have probably failed to have written, but they are embedded in those little-life -movies. What a treasure!

I will be recording everything or as much as I can. My children, birthday parties (something I've never done), my husband (whom would rather be hiding behind a pillow), and myself, why not? My kids will have a memory of what they used to be like and their parents and everything else their momma recorded.

I encourage you to do it also. You'll find it so special when you go back and watch them. Reliving those moments that were so simple but so meaningful. Our life is meaningful.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

Ok, so I didn't go to the midnight premiere last night but I'm gonna be at the movies today being part of the Hunger Games craziness. I can't wait! 

Are you going?

What team are you on? Me, I haven't really decided yet. I'm feeling very feminist, so I would say Team Katniss. She rocks! BUT I also love Peeta. And Gale. Oh decisions decisions! :) Maybe after I watch the movie I'll have my mind made up. We'll see... 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He's home

My dad is home recovering. 

I was able to Skype with him last night and it really made me feel very happy to see him and most importantly seeing him much better than I thought he was. He is strong. He is a fighter. 

Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. Keep them coming...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Prayers please

My dad had a bad fall yesterday and he is at the hospital. I'm asking for your prayers so he can recover quickly and well. 

My heart hurst as being unable to be present for him in this time of despair. My siblings and I love him dearly and wish we could be there to love on him and take care of him. Given the distance, finances and circumstances that is not possible, but hopefully at least one of us will be there representing all of us. 

"A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer."
-Doris Lessing

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Update

We went to see my mom to check on her after her accident, to visit and baby her. She is feeling better but still feeling sore. However, her recovery has been pretty fast and well. Thanks to you who sent your regards, said a prayer and for your concern. I appreciate it.

This week is Spring Break so I've set the week for the boys with activities and play dates so they don't get bored and have fun. 

We love doing puzzles so we worked in one we haven't done in a while. 

The children's area at the book store is one of our favorite places because there is this little train table the boys like to play at and they don't necessarily have to be as quite as at the library, even though we read books also.

I realized how much I miss this little guy now that he's been home with us. But I know he enjoys school very much that makes me happy to think that he is in a good place. 

Here he is snacking on apples and peanut butter.

We went bowling with some friends and that was very fun and funny! Kids are so hilarious trying to bowl. We are definitely doing it again, and I thank my friend Emily for having the idea :)
The kids used the bumpers to slide the ball through while pushing it down. We got pretty good scores despite the speed, and I scored 3 strikes! Woo Hoo! I also realized that I need a hair cut, more like a trim I would say. My hair doesn't look very pretty on the picture. Ha! 

The boys went to the dentist. Anthony got his teeth cleaned and was really good. David, on the other hand, cried and covered his face and mouth. Not a very pretty scene, but our dentist got to check his teeth. Feedback from our dentist? The boys teeth are perfect! And their favorite part? The lollipops and goodie bags - with tooth paste, tooth brushes, coloring sheets and frozen yogurt gift certificate - they got after they were done.

And we call this, Lollipop Power! :)

We went to Joe's work and visit him and grandpa and grandad. Grandad is very silly! And Anthony wanted to do the same :)

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These days...

The boys are in a beautiful stage and I don't mean that the ones before weren't, it's just that in this stage you seem to be able to appreciate their personality development. How they interact with each other, how the love on each other and how they get on each others' nerves, but above all, I love to see them present. 

Everyday is a privilege for us and there is nothing in this world that we would trade for them. We love them from the bottom of our heart and sometimes that love is beautifully intoxicating because all we want to do is kiss and hug them and never stop. Their company is beautiful and complete. They are perfect little pieces of us. Perfect from head to toe. Prefect gifts from above. They came to this world at the perfect time. 

A lot of people ask if we are going to have another one. Maybe the girl? And even though that would be nice I would be also ok if we didn't. I don't wanna have to think that our third try was a fail because we didn't get the girl. It doesn't really matter. We receive what is meant for us. I'm fine with that. I would love whoever is next just as much as the ones we have now. Maybe perhaps we could adopt a baby. I don't know. But at the moment however, I feel like we are ok, maybe later we will, have another baby that is. Or maybe not, who knows. We can make decisions one day and change them the next, and I think that happens to everyone. 

Anyway, I just wanted to write this as a reminder of how I feel about our little ones. I don't wanna forget and I know I never will. Love like this, it is not meant to be forgotten. It is eternal. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

We've began...

Sports life has officially began in our home and A had his first soccer practice on Wednesday. He did really good but there was a time that he didn't want to go and play anymore because he said he was "tired". Lies, he took a nap earlier that day. But one of the coaches came and got him to play and he loved     it! Little D got to play a little while also, and he enjoyed it very much as well. 

I didn't bring my camera so all the pictures are with the phone. Next time, I'll bring it.

This is when he didn't wanna play anymore

But the other coach got him to play again and that was nice :)

He's got 4 friends from school playing in the same group. And that was something good I told him, because when we were on our way, I told him we were going to soccer practice and he didn't like that much, but when I told him which friends were going to be there. He said:"Wow mom! Those are my best friends!" And David said:" Yea and Abby-one of the boys sister". Then Anthony says:"Yea and she is gonna be cheering for me and say Go Anthony Go. You go get them!" But ends up that his other friend's sister was there so we decided that they were both going to be the cheerleaders ha! 

Anyway, their coach is a girl that played for Alabama and Clemson Universities and she knows what to do. We can call her KK. 

These are some of his friends and they are all so cute! Even cuter while running around! 

Watch this little video,

I promise next time I'll take a better video and pictures ok?

Oh, and proof that Anthony did take a nap before we went to practice. This is he and David napping on Great-Grandparents bed :)

Earlier in the afternoon we went to visit and while at the playground we saw this little guy

and learned about spider webs

I've also gotten lots of complements about my new red shoes. I had been wanting some for a while but like it always happens to me is that when I am in fact looking for some I never find any, and when I just happen to look they are there.  I got them from...Target! They are comfy, soft and I LOVE THEM! (Maybe Target should give me some credit$ for talking wonders about these shoes) :)


I've told you before how much we love going to the public library for Story Time. We hadn't been in maybe two weeks for whatever reason but yesterday we did, and I am always so glad we do. He enjoys it to the max! And who wouldn't when there are bubbles, shakers and music ? 

Before we go, we like to get some books. Yesterday we left with 10 books and three movies, and I wished I had had a bag with me, they were pretty heavy, specially when your little one doesn't want to walk and you have to carry him also. 

While in the car he wanted to carry on of them...Can you hear him saying:" Mine!"?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Driving with distractions

I feel the need to share this because I think it's important and an important message for mommies that drive their little ones around. 

My mom was involved in a car wreck early this morning and had to be taken to the hospital because they thought she had broken her chest bone-I don't know the name of it. Thankfully she  and my nephew who was riding with her are well and already at home resting and recovering. The reason why I'm sharing this, it's because the person who hit her  was a momma with two little ones -3 and 5 to be exact. The mom turned her head back to look at her kids and by the time she turned around it was too late, they were all already involved in a collision. Thankfully they were all fine. 

I, personally do that many times. I turn my head to answer to my name calling, to hand them snacks or a sip of something.  We as moms begin to do things we never did before and we get pretty good at it -we think. When I ride with my mom and she sees me doing that, she gets uncomfortable and reminds me that it is dangerous to get my eyes of the road, even for a few seconds.  Today, the things that sometimes I thing it's nagging, happened to her. I was scared and very worried for her. I teared up a little and thank God that she was well, despite the circumstance. 

Moms and future ones, or whoever has little ones in the car with you. Lets all be more conscious about our driving and the things we do. I know, sometimes, you can't help it because they are crying or fighting or whatever. Lets just all be more careful and make better decisions. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ant's pics, flowers, aliens and yogurt

Anthony gets my phone sometimes and to my surprise he knows how to use it very well. He opens one camera and begins to take some shots.

Here they are. Just a few of the many he's taken. He's also thought his brother how to do it.

1. Random shot of his toys
2. David
3. Papa at lunch break
4. Me walking in the kitchen
5,6,7. David in the yard
8,9 David took these pictures of Anthony
10. With the lollipop while I dye my hair
11. Monkey
12. One of my favorite candle scents
13,14  D painting
15. Reading on my Kindle

He loves to play Angry Birds and because he walks around with it sometimes, I decided to get me a case. Well, actually my brother got it for me :) 


Orquids are my favorite flower and my love has given me two beautiful orquid plants. One has small purple flower (top) and the other one has big white flowers (bottom). They didn't bloom last year and the reason was because their soil needed to be change and they need to be fed also. So I did that last weekend. I changed their soil and fed them. I hope they bloom again because their flowers are beautiful! 


Look what A made at school during space week

They made an alien custom. And Anthony let David tried but after a while they got in a fight because neither one of them wanted to share. 


I showed you in a previous post the beautiful daffodils from our yard. This is where some of them were last week. They brought a lot of color and cheer to our kitchen table. 


Sometimes Anthony wants to help David feed himself, this time David was having yogurt and Anthony asked me if he could feed him :)

I think David enjoyed it don't you think?

And his made sure he was clean :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mommy Challenges

One of my biggest challenges as a mother has been the "I don't wanna eat ANYTHING" stage. Really, what's the deal with toddlers that refuse to eat. Well, not in its entirety. But going from a bottomless-infant to a "belly-full-toddlers" makes wanna pull my hair - some days anyway. It's gotten better. 

So here it is the deal. A and D have gone through that stage, and I know that my kids are not the only ones. I've asked moms, friends and family about it and it seems like most kids go through that stage; some earlier some later. Anthony didn't seem to stay in that for a long time but our little David seems to like it, because more are the days that he doesn't wanna eat that those he actually wants to. Now, I'm not saying he doesn't eat anything at all. He does. But he doesn't really do a full meal like he used to. He now grazes as a goat and eats all day long, and I try to make it count with healthy stuff. But knowing that his weight is really on track help me not to worry so much anymore. 

Since they were born I made their baby food, purees, soups, everything. I would supplement with baby food jars when some of my days as a full time student would drain me to the point I would barely make dinner. It was exhausting. 

What I'm trying to say is that I at least know that my little ones have been well fed, and to this day I still serve David a whole meal when we are sitting eating together. 9 out of 10 times he chooses not to eat it and yes, I just say to myself : "Maybe tomorrow will be the day". However, I've found that he will eat very good if I make him a soup and in each spoonful there is a goldfish. It works like magic! He eats every single bit. And when I see that empty plate it feels like an angelical moment with the clouds opening, sun shinning through and the angel-like singing. 

My mom says that I am now paying for what I did to her when I was little. She told me I wouldn't eat anything and I would make her cry. Oops! Sorry mom.

So there it is. I think that's been one of my biggest challenges so far as a mom. I was raised with healthy homemade foods and meals, and I wanna do the same for my kiddos. So far I have, but it would be even better if they actually ate it don't you think?

Are you a parent?
What has been one of your biggest challenges?

Monday, March 5, 2012

you can't go!

Every morning when Anthony and Joe are walking out the door to leave for school, our little David does this.

He blocks the door. Every time.

If he sees that A is getting his jacket on or right after their daily prayer, D runs to the door, stands still giggling and spreads his arms like he's about to give a big hug, then he says:"You can't go!" We all smile and Joe tricks him to make his way out the door. 
He tells him that there are some sort of dinosaur in the living room to make him turn and go look for it. He used to fall for it but not anymore. He actually tells Joe :"Yea. ook!".  The trick stopped working. He's gonna have to find another trick. :)

It's become a game in the mornings. However, I can't help to think that really doesn't want his best buddies to leave. He wants to come with them. It makes me sad sometimes, but it also makes me feel better when I see that he also enjoys being with his mamma. That makes me happy. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

I don't wanna have a shadow anymore!

The other night, Anthony was playing in the floor with a hot wheels car. After a while he seemed unhappy and kept saying that he couldn't see it. Joe asked him what was going on and Anthony said "I don't wanna have a shadow! It keeps covering my car and I can't see it. It makes it all dark!" 

We told him that there was no way to get rid of it. 

Recently in the cartoons Jack and the Neverland Pirates, Peter Pan returns, the episode talked about Peter Pan losing his shadow and he couldn't fly anymore, so I told him that if he lost his shadow, he was probably not gonna be able to walk and jump and do other fun things. He said he didn't care, he wanted to get rid of it. 

That night on our way to our bedtime routine he kept walking forward and turning back to see where his shadow was and he was VERY frustrated because his shadow kept following him. It was very funny! 

So, on Sunday after mass, the shadow thing came back. 

We were walking to our car and he said: "Oh! There it is again! It keeps following me!" I just smiled and told him that there was no way to let it go. He seemed less frustrated and didn't say much but kept turning and looking back to see, until he didn't see it anymore. It was noon and the shadow was right behind him so he didn't see it and said "It's gone! My shadow is gone! " And smiled. But he turned around and saw it again he kinda laugh and said, "Aw, there it is again!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Preserving memories

I feel like every time I write about me visiting my family in Atlanta, I begin with the same sentence, "The boys and I went to see my family in Atlanta for a couple of days" But how else should I write it? That is exactly what I did you know? The boys and I went to see my family in Atlanta for a couple of days. Ha! 

Anyway, as always it is really one of my favorite things to do, and I like it even more now that the boys like going and actually remember the visit. The last couple of years I was feeling bad because every time we went to see the family, the boys could not really connect my mom much (their grandma for goodness sake!), and they would be kinda cold to her. There is no coldness in  our family. There is lots of love and affection. But now, they love going to see her and they never want to leave. It just took time. 

We make the effort to see each other once a month and so far we are doing a good job. I also think that our commitment has a lot to do with the boys remembering and preserving the moments they spend with her. 

We are also trying to make the effort to take pictures together. Nothing like pictures and videos to have as memories of special or maybe just mundane moments. Nothing like recreating those moments in your head and trace back time. That's what it's all about, creating and preserving moments with your loved ones. The happier the better. 

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