Thursday, May 31, 2012

This one is for the ladies

A little change today... this post is for the ladies...and guys I guess.  

This is one is of my favorite websites to read. I found it through Pinterest and it's got so many things for women, I don't think I've read it all. However, I found a very interesting section about hair growth. I like my hair. I take care of it. I don't dye it anymore and I often do masks to rejuvenate it. 

When I had Anthony, I lost SO much hair it made me cry. Literally. With David, I lost hair but not as much; but I honestly wish that I had known about this "hair info" I'm about to share so I could have partaken in some of the treatments, my case however, the doctor said, it was hormonal. The heck with the hormones! It made me sad to loose my hair. Today though, my hair is healthy and I love it! (Sometimes)

Read this and you'll be so happy with me. I can't wait to try some of these!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mable Dudes

We spent Memorial Day at the Lake with my mother in law and the rest of the family. It was very relaxed and fun day at the same time. 

One of the things that we love about going there is that we get to ride the Mable. It is always so much fun but usually you end up sore trying to fight the waves, bumps and trying not to fall off of it. So fun! Sometimes I can hardly hold on to it because I'm laughing so hard, it just let myself slide off.

All the cousins 

The little dudes getting ready for a ride. They were so good and they loved it! 

We were riding slowly for obvious reasons, but we had to pick up a little speed because if you go too slow you flip, so when we were going a bit faster we caught a wave and we jumped as well as the mable. I saw David bounced off the mable and got a little panicked because I thought he was going to fall, thankfully our nephew got him just in time. Whew! 

One sad thing though was that the mable lost the fabric that covers it. So hopefully it gets fixed and get to ride again soon or we are truly gonna miss it...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sprinklers attack

Man, it's hot! 

This is what we do to refreshen up during our hot and humid summer in the South. Simple fun and it helps keeping our grass and plants alive :)

See what I mean? Free fun. Not only they "run" from the sprinklers but they run from us chasing them around the yard with the hose. 

Welcome Summer! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hand Foot Mouth Disease/virus sucks! David has it, Anthony had it but not as bad as David. Our nephew Tanner had it, some kids in the city had it. CNN did a report about it because of a increase in cases and spread out and apparently some day cares in town have closed down due to that. So yes this virus sucks. It sucks because it makes the little ones very VERY uncomfortable and itchy.

Is there a treatment? Well apparently you can only treat the symptoms but that's it.

What have I done? Give Tylenol for the fever and Benadryl for discomfort. Rub cortisone and cover the affected areas with gaze so they don't get scratched raw. Caladryl has been very helpful also, along with the Pedyalite ice pops.

What does it look like? It begins with little red dots on the hands, feet and mouth, fever and eventually the little dots turn into blisters. They can spread out to the extremities and booty, outside the mouth and ears also. They spread because the they scratch and pass it onto whatever area hey touched next.

If your your little one gets similar symptoms, consult your doctor right away. What I'm writing is from personal experience and it does not substitute professional medical information.

David is getting better. I've been trying to keep him entertained as much as we can since we haven't been able to go anywhere. He still itches but not as bad :)

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