Monday, March 28, 2011

Colombia part 1

 I promised to post about our visit to my dad in Colombia and I am sorry it has taken too long, but we've been trying to catch up with stuff around the house.
Colombia was amazing and even though it is a third world country with not even half the comforts and luxuries United States has which many people take for granted, I still love the county I was born and I grew up in. We didn't do as much as we usually do, but our intention was mainly for my dad to meet little David and oh boy, it was so worth it!

The first day, we went to downtown Chia to see and feed the pigeons, and let me tell you our boys and my nephew totally enjoyed it! They disturbed the quite and peaceful afternoon Chia town square had while they were going crazy chasing and screaming for the pigeons. Those kids had a blast!

So tired of running and screaming, we stopped at one of many little stores in the little plaza to have a drink.

Later that day, my sisters and I spent some time with my dad.

Next morning, we had an amazing homemade breakfast and Joe provided some juggling show for the boys

Went to the park, had lunch, then ice cream

Then off we went to spend a couple of days in a house in a warm weather city. This is one of the things I miss, being able to take off and go to a warmer weather, get some sun, play in pool, all that fun stuff.  There we got to get in the pool, play with bunch of animals, eat lots of yummy food etc etc.

Isn't the landscape so pretty?

How about the hand layout floor?

Pieces of me :)

Cloudy day, but we had fun!

My dad...I miss him!

To be continued....

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