Saturday, March 19, 2011

Colombia visit

We came back from our visit to my dad in Colombia this past Thursday. We spent 10 days visiting, eating, walking, swimming, drinking some yummy tropical juices, eating some more and just enjoying my dad's company whom I only see once every year or two. It is always very exciting flying back home, but as exciting as it is going it is as sad leaving.

This time, our visit was exclusively for my dad to meet little David, whom he's only seen in pictures. The moment they saw each other they connected in a very special way, and it was overwhelming to see the love David had for his abuelito (granddaddy), whom he had just met. David would cling onto my dad like a monkey and would not want to leave him. He would run to see him, and his sweet little baby face would shine of happiness after seeing his 'bito". Again, it was overwhelming for me and Joe to see this love they had for each other, but my most painful part was that it was only going to last a few days...because we were only visiting...we were not staying. And once again, my thoughts of melancholy came back because I knew that my dad would probably miss another one of his grandchildren' birthdays, miss a day in the park playing and teaching his grand kids play soccer, eat ice cream, or just a day at the movies eating pop corn and drinking soda. 

I can't help but cry when I think about this, and I wish with all my heart that this was not the situation but it is...

I'm sorry if you were expecting some fun post, but at this time, this is what my heart told my hands to write. I will for sure write about the rest of our visit to Colombia, and I can assure you that it will probably take more than one post.

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