Friday, August 17, 2012

I've noticed it more lately

Yes, I've noticed a lot more lately that our children have grown. Honestly, I've been trying to avoid it, but lately I've been noticing it more. Ouch! Shocking reality. I knew this time will come but I didn't think it would be so soon. I'm not complaining, on the contrary, I feel blessed. I feel fortunate to have been able to witness their growth and to help them be where they are now along with Joe. He's been a HUGE part of this process too. 

Their personalities are changing. They ask more questions and they argue the answers. And even though their faces and bodies are changing, I still see that baby part that I wanna always hold on to. Why not? Why not go back to that mental picture specially, when they are talking back or when they are unhappy about a decision made by us instead of them. I wanna be able to always be back to that sweet mental memory, and remind myself that I have to be patient and that everyday is a constant growth and learning process about life. 

Changes are always difficult, it gets you out of your comfort zone. 

No more zippy cups, no more baby spoons, no more rice cereal, no more changing tables, no more high chairs, no more baby tub, no more bibs, no more rattles, no more baby stuff. They wanna be big boys and don't you dare telling them they are babies. But sometimes, during those vulnerable moments, when they are tired, frustrated, sad, uncomfortable, angry, they long for some snuggles, kisses, nursery songs, and baby comfort. They want to be protected, they want to be "babies" ...

...and I love it when they do.

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