Friday, August 3, 2012

My role in the lives of our children

I think it is a privilege and opportunity for me,  to take care of our children and to do the fun and not so fun stuff with them. One day they'll be in school all day and I am gonna be doing something for myself. Meanwhile, I am caring, building, teaching, guiding two little people. 

Yes, I am trying to teach them how to be a caring, loving, attentive, happy, spiritual, kind, fun, creative, healthy, tolerant, smart people. You know? Those kind of qualities that can make their life easier, keep them out of trouble, and also be a positive example for others, even for their friends. That's a pretty though job don't you think? So I have the best man by my side to help through it, we make a good team and provide sort of a balance since everyone's personalities are different.

 I'm trying to teach them to get along and to love themselves and one another.

 I'm trying to teach them to be polite and to be compassionate. 

I'm trying to teach them to appreciate what they have. I'm trying to teach them that just because we may be able to afford something they want then they should have it, or if it gets broken, then we get another one. 

I'm trying to teach them to take care of stuff, no matter how much we can afford or how much it cost, even if we got it for free.  

I'm trying to teach them to eat healthy even though sometimes they don't eat what I put on their plates. They, still, will be familiar and know about the different kinds of foods and flavors there are. 

I'm trying to teach them to pray and to know that there is a higher, most powerful, most loving, most forgiving, most kind being in our lives; they know it is God. 

I'm trying to teach them to live in a clean and healthy environment.

 I'm trying to teach them to be patient and that practice makes perfect. 

I'm trying to teach them that you cannot always do it all. And that is ok.

I'm trying to teach them that you can have fun by just doing nothing and that if there is not a play date that day, then you can find your own peace and happiness at home or wherever you might be.

 I'm trying to teach them that their lives don't have to be overwhelmed with activities, sports and events to feel happy and productive. Just having the time available to have a clean room to sleep in means happiness and accomplishment.  

I'm trying to teach them that snuggles, hugs, tears or kisses don't make them less of a man, on the contrary, it shows their true humanity.

I'm trying to teach them to appreciate the people in their lives, no matter how close or apart they are.

Im trying to teach them that it's ok to give your opinion about a subject, even though not everyone may agree; because, how boring that conversation might be right?  

I'm trying to teach how to share because it makes more than one person happy. 

I'm trying to teach them Spanish, so one day they can fluently communicate with their non-English speaking family or friends.

I'm trying to teach them to be proud of their heritage. 

But mainly, I'm trying to teach them and help them understand that Joe and I are doing the best we can as parents because they are the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to us. We didn't get a parenting manual, we have been learning as we go and there are certain things that sometimes we just need more time to learn. 

I hope one day they can understand and appreciate that...

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