Saturday, December 4, 2010

9 years

I know this will be my second post of the day, but I could not finish the day without saying that today 9 years ago I arrived to this country. I left Bogota, Colombia early in the morning and headed to the airport to take the flight that would change my life forever. I was nervous, sad and excited all at the same time. Sad for leaving the nest and leaving my loved ones, nervous because I had never been away from home for more than a weekend, and excited because I was going to see another country and learn new things. I arrived to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta Georgia at around 2pm, anxious and confused because I did not understand one pickle of what the immigration and security people were telling and asking me ( And I though I knew English when I left? What was I thinking? I knew nothing! I forgot all the little I knew...). I arrived to the house of a family that warmly welcomed me, and which to this day I thank for every little thing they did to make me feel comfortable.

It was December when I arrived. It was the holiday season, Christmas, New Years, that special family time I was not going to have with my own family. I had a  really hard time and I secretly cried in bed the night of Christmas. I never felt so lonely... 

Time went by and everyday got easier. I got better at English and eventually learned it well. I could speak it and I could also be understood! Woo Hoo! Many different things happened as the years went by. I met new people, found a job, got my first car...etc etc. I was faced with different challenges but I overcame them all and became stronger and smarter. 

Today December 4, 2010 nine years later, I comfortably sit at home, married to a wonderful man and mom to two precious healthy boys. So many things I've gone through these nine years, some easy and happy, some difficult and sad, but I have to say that I don't regret for one second the decision I made to take that flight and expand my horizons...I am thankful for all.


  1. Alba, Me gusta tu historia y la expericia en que Asi como tu, miles de personas tienen su propia historia, con felicidad, ansiedad, tristeza. Pero lo mas lindo de todo, es como despúes de nueve años has logrado tantas cosas lindas, una bendición de Dios tener una hermosa familia y rodeada de gente que te ama. Un dia no muy lejano te contare nuestra historia. Te quiero mucho

  2. Thank you Hon for this post! I have learned new things about you and anxious to talk to you about these earlier days of yours. I to am thankful for the day you got on the plane for Atlanta! Not only have you made my Joe a wonderful wife but you have filled my heart with the greatest love by giving me those precious angels Anthony and David! Thank you! Nana

  3. Although we haven't had much chance to hang out yet, I know I like you and I am very happy that you got on that plane too. I see how you have made my buddy so happy. I know the boys help out with that, but you started it. Bryan LaGasse


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