Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is Lisa's Birthday! 

Happy Birthday sis! 

Joe's older sister and my lovely sister-in-law. She is such a beautiful, sweet, happy, fun, dedicated, understanding, compassionate woman and mother. She has been an amazing part in the education, growth and care of her and her husband's two children, and she also has a great taste for house decorating and painting :)  Even though we don't see her as often as we wish we would, we love her very much and we get excited when she and her family come to town to visit. 

We made a video for her  so I thought I would share with all. 

That was pretty funny, wasn't it? We thought it was! Specially Anthony's reaction, hilarious! We could not stop laughing when we finished recording it. Also, notice my crazy looking hair, yea, it was bed time, and we were all in our pj's, except Joe. I think all that crazy combination and how natural everything was, made it so much better and special. And, I have to add that we could not wait until today to show it to her, so we called her last night and told her we had a surprise for her, and she loved it ! :)

Once again, Happy Birhtday sis! May God continue to shower you with many more blessings...

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