Tuesday, July 31, 2012

last week

We've been practicing with Anthony on how to write his name and David wanted to do something too, so I got him to trace the letter A.

A dear friend set up a fun playdate at the Tumblebus, but sadly David didn't stay long. 

 I wonder what he was thinking of that little boy... He did share the chalk with him :)

I attempted to make eggplant parmesan for the first time, time consuming but it turned out ok, I think it just needed to cook a little longer and the slices needed to be thiner. Usually when I cook with eggplant I put it into pastas, soups, etc. A good way to add the veggies the boys would not normally eat into their meals. I also made for the first time, homemade tomato sauce, it was good. Very flavorful. Yes, I was proud. :) I think it helped that I added tons of garlic, herbs and spices.

The boys having a good time with a swivel chair at the self-storage place. Easy entertainment.

Guess what? Another one fell sick. This time little D with Bronchitis, but after some at-home- breathing treatments and meds, he began to feel much better.

We register for the summer reading program at the library and we read 171 books! I know it sounds, and it is at lot but we read A LOT. Every night we read at least, at least two books. Sometimes during the day we read another one and since we had a rough summer with sickness all around, we, of course read a lot more. They received a bag to carry their library books, wristband, certificates, and a free book.

Killing time playing checkers while waiting on their cousin to arrive.

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