Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Invite making

Hey guys!

I've been into crafting a lot lately and for Anthony's party I wanted to create the invites myself, so after he let me know what he wanted for his party this was my inspiration for the invites- a knight shield that Santa brought him.

What I did first was to draw the picture into a piece of paper of the size I wanted the invites to be. The one of the left was my first try, then it finished like the one on the right.

After I had the picture on paper,  I copied the shapes into the color paper I wanted to use -I used card-stock paper. Anthony helped by the way :)

Once I had all of them I put them together and glue each piece with all purpose glue and a paint brush. Typed and printed the info on the other side.


This is how they turned out :)

I liked the finished product, but mostly I liked that Anthony was very involved in the whole process, he really was :)

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