Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend recap

Hello all!

How was your weekend? 

We had a great and busy one.

Joe is part of Kairos, a prison ministry that takes place a few times a year. I have to say that it is something amazing that he and many other men take the time to prepare, and do this effort to present God to prisoners whom have never heard or felt God's love, or whom have given their backs to God, and had follow a dark road that took them to the place they are now.  It is an amazing weekend where many lives are touched and hopefully lives are changed. So he went on with his dad to do this over the weekend while the kiddos and I went to Atlanta to visit  family. We played and ate until we couldn't anymore, pretty special compared to what Joe did ha? Well, at least we had an educative field trip with Lisa, my sister in law and her kids, whom are not so much of kids anymore, they are preteens- if I must say- to Fern Bank Museum of Natural History. 

I was told that the museum just did an $8 million renovation! Yes, it was very nice and recommend it to all. The only thing that I would suggest is that they improve their Cosmos Theather...humm...not much interesting...they could build a little planetarium instead....or something like that. Something a bit more interesting, specially if you bring kids with you. 

We also, went to see my sister and then went to the biggest first birthday party I've ever been to! I'm guessing that party cost around $3,000 or more and I am not kidding! They rented a restaurant to have the party at, they had a clown show with activities and prizes for kids, they had buffet style meal and pizza exclusively for the kids, balloons everywhere, money shower (they threw rolled-up dollar bills to all the kids!), they also had a bottle of Old Parr whiskey in each table (they were more than 5 tables), Dj, moonwalk jumper, etc etc. The biggest first birthday party I've ever been to for sure. And my sister insisted that that was very normal in the Mexican culture. Can you imagine how the little girl's wedding is going to be? I can't even imagine...

Anyway, did you notice our new header? 

I was over the old one and I wanted something more simple and in black and white, so that's what we have now. I like it, I like it better than the old one. 

Have a great week!

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