Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Toy and Moving Baskets

The boys got a cool fun new toy for Christmas. I found it in a website and I added to their online wishlists. The toy is super cool because you can create different shapes and it's pretty safe for both of them, so far they love them and play with them a lot. I have already the other sets (1, 2)to their wish list so we can add more pieces and make cooler shapes. The toy's name is Ogobild-58. It says it's for 6+ but it has worked just fine for them, with added help from my attach the pieces, other than that it's good to go. 

See how neat that toy is? I probably enjoy it just as much as they do while putting it together :)

And so, how about the "moving baskets" from the post title?

Well, we got two baskets in which we store some of the bigger toys and many times the boys just love to dump the toys out and hide underneath them. They walk around the house or crawl under them, it's funny looking seeing two moving baskets around the house.

The things children come out with. They truly enjoy just about everything they can play with :)

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