Monday, June 11, 2012

Crazy week

Last week, our nephew spent the week with us. It was a fun crazy week. I had laundry piled up waiting to be put up, bathrooms waiting to be cleaned, furniture getting covered with dust, floors accumulating more dirt, clutter and toys everywhere etc etc.
Yes, my house was not at it's best shape but it was definitely not a priority at the time. I did manage to clean out a little in the middle of the week but other than that that, nothing else.

We spent a lot of time outside playing and enjoying the fresh air, we spent time swimming in the pool and making new friends at VBS. The kids run like crazy through the sprinklers in the yard, rode bikes, watched movies, argued and hugged each other.

It was a fun crazy week that allowed them to interact and learn from each other. They got to spend the time they don't get because of the distance. It thought me to tolerate and appreciate the extra energy that almost-seven-year olds have and pass onto the little ones. They were jumping off the walls and run like wild Indians bringing smiles to my face. Their fights brought patience, understanding and love to my heart, as well as some long deep breaths. I learned that my kids will eventually eat and that their hunger strike will end one day. And when that day comes, my thing of waiting to go to the go grocery store once a month will be a thing of the past because no food I put on their plates would fill their little tanks.

It was all good.

We love our nephew and the boys love their cousin. What a sweet, kind and fun soul he is. My sister has done an amazing job. No doubt about that.

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  1. I agree about Mario - the few days I had him at VBS, he was a sweetheart! :)


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