Friday, June 1, 2012


My mother-in-law has the BEST flip flops in the world and now I do too. They are made out of the yoga mat material, they are super comfortable and one of my favorite things is that it doesn't leave that black footprint on them. They just adjust to your feet shape without leaving a mark. They are awesome! And if I receive $5 dollars for every time I brag about them, I would be a millionaire, but I don't.


I don't think I've ever shared with you about these beautiful flowers that grow in our yard every year. They were already there when we moved in and I loved them. They are so pretty.


David's buddy, Snoopy had a shower while David was sick. When I was gonna get him in the washer machine, David freaked out a little, but once I explained to him what was going on, he put him in the washer himself. He also helped me water the plants.


These two are best friends for sure, and even though they fight and argue, they love each other very much. 

It's funny how sometimes they don't wanna go to bed for a nap. This is our conversation -mostly every day and with Anthony- about going for a nap. 

 (Please know that my part is in Spanish and his answer is in English)

Me: " Ok guys, it's time for nap "
A: " Oh noooooo!... I'm not tiiiireeeed... I'm not going to sleep momma!."
Me: " Yes, you are. It will help you feel better, more rested and grow stronger. Don't you wanna be like a super hero? Super heros take naps!"
A: " No they don't! They are too busy fighting bad guys!"
Me: Really trying to think of something to come up with because my 4 year old is beating me in our nap discussion.... " Why don't you just lie down for a little while, you don't even have to close your eyes, just rest. And go get Gaucher ( his teddy bear) and snuggle with him, he likes naps."
A: "mmmm... ok. BUT, I'm NOT CLOSING MY EYES! "
Me: " Ok, that's fine "

5 minutes later... 
(no, he is not sucking his thumb)

 While on the other bed, Mr. Nap lover looks like this. With Snoopy, of course.


One thing I love about summer is that I can sun-dry our clothes, even though there are certain things that you shouldn't, such as Joe's work shirts and towels, because they get crunchy and hard. I think you could easily stand them still haha! But my favorite thing is that they dry super fast, I get a lot more done faster and we save on our power bill. 

The end

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