Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer List and Pipe cleaner bubble wands

This is our summer list. A collection of little and big things the boys would like to do this summer. The majority are the boys ideas, but I pitched in a little. 

I found this idea off of Pinterest. I had it in one of my boards so we attempted to make them on Saturday. They turned out pretty nice, and the bubbles were very big compared to some other bubble wands. The only thing though was, that I had a little difficulty making the right consistency for the soap, so sometimes we would have tons of big bubbles, and sometimes nothing would come out. I guess I have to work on the perfect bubble soap recipe :)

I really like this picture. You kinda see my reflection on the bubble that is about to come out.

Taking a picture of the bubbles while blowing the bubbles was a bit difficult but I really wanted to take a picture. And I like how it turned out. 

You should try it too. Super simple to make and very entertaining :)

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