Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh my Little D...

Here we are again with some skin issues. My little boy has developed some crazy case of Hives (urticaria) all over his body. Head to toe, side to side :( I took him to the doctor yesterday because I've never seen anything like that on him. I did however, got something similar right after I had Anthony. It was all over my belly, back, legs and arms. Horrible and uncomfortable, so I know exactly how my boy feels like. Kinda anyway, because his it's all over his body now, even the face.

I was told something trigger it. It could have been the last virus he had, or the really bad bug bite reaction he has a couple of days ago, it could have been anything!

Yesterday, while at the doctor, I almost cried because he didn't look good and I knew he was very uncomfortable. At one point before leaving we had to stay a few more minutes to check his oxygen, because he acted like he couldn't breath after they gave him some steroids. Taking about being scary!

Anyway, my little monkey has been puny this morning and has run low fever and has the chills. Other than that he is eating good and right now he's comfortable.

This morning a gave him an oatmeal bath. I grind some oatmeal oats and pour it in his water. He was not happy to be in the water but we made it through. He cried the whole time.

Hopefully, he gets better soon so we can go to the pool and swim again!

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