Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beach Bums

We spent a few days at the beach this past weekend and enjoyed every single minute of it. We went with two great friends BJ and Jayma and their baby girl Molly. Our boys and their girl got along really well and they were very sweet to her. They played, swam, built sand castles, napped and a lot more. 

We were playing in the ocean jumping waves when a big wave came and got a bit of water in his mouth. I asked him if he was ok and he said:" Yeah, I think I got a little fish in my mouth" :) Hilarious! 

My favorite little girl

"Look at the castle I made!"

 This little boy loved LOVED the ocean. All he wanted to do was play in ti. And for your information he was not scared one bit. He wanted me to leave him alone -yeah right little man, you can dream about it!  


While he napped....

 ...We made a big mountain and tunnel

These are just a few pictures of the many I took, I just wanted to show you a bit from our beach trip. We love the beach very much, the sound of the ocean, the aroma of the air, everything about it is great. I hope we get to go back again this summer...

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