Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend recap

The kiddos and I headed to Atlanta over the weekend to visit my family. 

We left on Friday and arrived at my mom's hair salon where the boys and I got haircuts. I needed a haircut really bad and what better opportunity and what person to do it but mom. She is the only person that has cut my hair and I love it every time she does it. If you are in the Atlanta area, more like in Duluth, go see her at Innovations Salon and Spa which is located in Discover Mills Mall. She has a great team of people working there and they are all very professionals, I promise.

Anyway, on Saturday, we had lunch with my sister-in-law Lisa and niece Kayla at Ippolito's, an Italian Restaurant where the food is really good, but they give you too much, one kid's plate is enough to feed an adult and probably have left overs FYI. Oh! But the rolls! My goodness, they are so good! They come out really warm and with Parmesan cheese on top, mmmm so yummy!
After we ate we took the boys across the street to play at a water fountain- you know, the kind that shoots water from the ground? yes that kind- where there were many other kids playing. A fun and inexpensive way for kids entertainment :)

Sunday, we had a High School Graduation lunch party for my cousin Luis a.k.a Luise who graduated a week ago, and his proud momma could not help but celebrate his big accomplishment. My aunt and cousins are so close to us that I could easily call my aunt my second mom and my cousins my other siblings, we've always been very close and I loved all them very much. 

I waited as long as I could but little David was like a zombie walking around, super sleepy and tired, so I got my boys in the car and headed back home. As soon as I got them in the car, they both fell asleep and slept half way home, sweet! We had dinner at Grandad Charlie and Nana's and then went home and got in bed. We were all very tired...

The End

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