Friday, May 27, 2011


The boys and I went to CHOM- Children's Hands-on Museum- for the first time on Wednesday. I really don't know why we hadn't been there before but we loved it! We attended the Moving and Grooving class that only lasts 30 minutes, where the boys actually sat down through the whole 30 minutes, well, except David, he danced a little and played with the shakers and sticks, while Anthony clapped at the end of each song and when the class was over he said: "Is it over?" I think he was ready to go and I don't know why because he loves dancing and he's really good at it too. I think he was intimidated. This is why we are definitely going back and try again. 

The museum is located in Downtown Tuscaloosa and has lots of neat areas for kids to play at. My favorite was the bottom floor. Perfect for my two little ones. The boys loved it so much that Anthony had a fit because we were leaving.
If you live in Tuscaloosa, AL or surrounding areas I encourage you to go, specially this summer when lots of parents are gonna be looking for places and activities for their children who are going to be out of school. We are going back and we are getting the Summer Pass, which turns out to be a lot cheaper than each visit to the museum.

 I'll let you with this video of my little monkey loving this particular chamber :)

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