Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These clothes are just too small...

The kids closets needed to be organized. All the winter clothes needed to be put away. So that's what I did yesterday, and it took me what it seemed all day to get all the clothes sorted out, but when I got to David's closet I realized I still had a lot of baby clothes out. I had baby towels, bibs, burp cloths, baby blankets, onesies, things like that.

I felt a little nostalgia while I was going through it all, it was a bitter-sweet feeling. I was a little sad because my babies were already not so babies, they are toddlers. I felt sad because time went by so fast I didn't even realized I still had those things out. But at the same time I felt happy and blessed to see that my kids are growing healthy and strong. I was happy because I enjoyed every little moment with them as newborns and infants. I held them all the time and did what my heart told me to do. I gave them my full attention, and rocked them to sleep even though many told me and Joe that all that, would make them spoiled, and the boys and us were going to have trouble later on, but guess what, they are awesome kids, they are sweet and happy, and yes, still spoiled. Why not? They still get disciplined and corrected when they are doing something they're not supposed to or are about to put themselves in danger.

We love our boys more than anything in this world, and when I looked at those baby items and clothes, I thought to my self: " My boys will ALWAYS be my babies, these clothes are just too small to fit their growing bodies".

So I went ahead and put them in the plastic bags that were waiting to be filled...


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