Friday, July 1, 2011

Henna Tatto and Parasailing

Well, I can scratch two things off my list of things to do this upcoming year before my next birthday, and as the title says it was the henna tattoo and parasailing. 

My mom, siblings, nephew and my two little ones went to the beach for a few days and had a great time. While there I knew there was a place that would do the henna tattoo so I went into the Happy Shack and got one on my wrist.  

Part of the design is a little messed up because while the henna was still wet, Anthony smeared it off with his t-shirt by accident. I like the design, I really do. And the good thing about is that is temporary :)

The second part of the post is the parasailing. My siblings and I went parasailing on Wednesday afternoon at the Happy Harbor on Marina Road Orange Beach. We took the last boat and I have to say that the money is all worth it. I didn't feel any vertigo going up or down. While up in the air we saw a few sharks and sting rays, and even though I knew we were safely strapped, the thought of falling into the water run through my mind. Yikes, scary! 
It was a really smooth ride and the guides and were fun and courteous. We decided to get pictures but sadly and upsetting when I got home last night to look at them there was only one picture. ONE! Yeah, another tourist rip off. But I called this morning and as much as I wanted the pictures they said they delete them each time so no pics, but my money would be refunded. We'll see. 

The good side of all this was that my sister had brought her camera and we got some pics from hers. So as soon as I get them I'll share...

Have a great, safe and fun Fourth of July weekend. If you are heading to the beach, grab a good spot early morning because it was full while we were there and I can't imagine how it will be this weekend. 

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