Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keepsake boxes and school update

I don't thing I've shared the boxes I made for the boys -about a year ago- to keep their little baby keepsakes. I wanted to make something simple in which I could keep safe some very special and meaningful items from when they were newborns. So I got a couple of dvd/cd storage boxes at Hobby Lobby, and I cover them with fabric- also from Hobby Lobby. 

Take a look...

  And I turned them into these...

What do you think? I love having these boxes. Every once in a while, I open them and go through them. Do you know what it is in them? Each box has: 

1. Pj's they wore to leave the hospital, nothing fancy, just plain comfy pj's :)
2. The baby hat and blankie the hospital provides right after they are born.
3. Their baby toothbrushes that our dentist gave them engraved with each of their initials.
4. Their Christening candle and chest cloth
5. Baptism crosses 
6. Keepsake boxes for their first hair strand and first tooth. 
7. Monogrammed bibs.

My next project is to use another couple of boxes, decorate them and keep in them all their birthday party cards, baby shower cards, letters from us, family members or friends. Keepsake box for all written items. This is how they are now:

They don't have any cover or decoration outside them, but that's what I am working on now. I want something fun and boyish. We'll see how they turn out.

Well, now, we are updating on Anthony's progress in school and there are two words, NOT GOOD. Yesterday was the worst day. He cried before he even left the house. Yes, he cried none stop and Joe and I felt like crying as well. It is SO hard to see your little bird crying because he has to leave his comfy nest.

I confess, I was going to cheat and take him, but if he kept crying I was just going to take him back home with me. What's with making him suffer for a few days of kindermusik. It's not like he is going to Harvard I thought and I did tell Joe; however, even though he felt bad for him, he reminded me that this was an important stage for him and if it got worse then we would pick him up. He also suggested that he would take him to school, and that was the best decision made that morning, because Anthony grabbed onto my leg and crying with tears in his eyes he kept saying that he didn't want to leave mommy. He wanted to stay with me! And how do you think I felt? HORRIBLE! I began to hold my tears because I didn't want to make him more sad. 

Joe got him in his car seat and kept crying. They drove away, while David and I stayed on the other side of the door sadly watching. It has been as hard for me to separate from my little guy, as it has been for his little brother. David heard the car leave and he started to cry because he wasn't going with them. He started knocking the door and the most painful part to watch was to see him KICK the door! That boy wanted to take the door down and run to his brother. My God, that made me cry even more! 

Anyway, I held onto my phone all morning to make sure I didn't miss the call from school saying that I needed to pick him up. Part of me, wanted it to happen so I could go and get my boy, but part of me was hopeful that he was having a good time and that's why they hadn't called. 

When I picked him up, he cried of emotion as he had the last couple of days, but I noticed something positive. He made a friend! And he was telling me all about his day-even though the teacher said he cried most of the time. He told me about the book they read and the playtime etc. 

I hope today is a better day, but if it isn't, I told Joe to tell the teacher to just call me and I'll come and get him. He'll have plenty of school years ahead of him. 

Please pray for our little monkey and for us to give us the strength and wisdom to go through this new stage we are going through because it hasn't been that easy.

And, one more thing, while I was writing this post, this song came on in my Pandora station. My heart cries for you By Serena Ryder. What are the odds of that?

Thank you for your thoughts and good energies, and for reading this blog! Have a lovely day :)

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