Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

  We had a very relaxed weekend. We enjoy our wedding anniversary as a family with our two boys and we also helped celebrate some of our little friends 4th birthday party. Our friend Beth set up the birthday party as a Fair theme and everything was so neat and fun.

Attended mass on Sunday, and the boys behave really well. Little by little we see an improvement. We want them to share that special hour with us and let them get used it and learn, and even though they don't always behave very well, we still try. 

Later that night we went over to Joe's grandparents home for a shrimp boil. Yum yum! It was so good and it is always nice to visit them. They really like having the boys over and I make the effort to go see them at least once a week. The boys love going over to their home so much that I have a hard time making them leave and get in the car :)

Well, that was it. See, just a very relaxed weekend at the Townsend Home.

Have a good week...

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