Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Anthony has started Kindermusik!

His first day was Monday and there have been tears from his side and my side. Changes are always hard because they get us off of our comfort zone and what we are used to, but even though sometimes they are painful, they are part of life and it is a perfectly fine way to evolve, learn and continue to receive the future experiences and blessings that await for us.

He is still trying to adjust to this big change of being around people he doesn't know. He has always being with me or someone that loves him dearly. Never ever away, even from his brother. Yes, they are best friends in all the sense of the word. 

I know we are not the only parents in the world that are going or have gone through this, yet I feel like we are. 

I took a few shots of him the morning of this first day. Doesn't he look handsome? He is handsome! :)

I cried making his lunch, combing his hair and brushing his teeth. I was an emotional wreck! This was his lunch for his first day...

After we dropped off Anthony, David and I went to the playground for a little while and run some errands. Before we realized it, it was time to get A. And let me tell you D was super excited! He missed his big brother :)

* W E* L O V E * these two boys more than anyone would ever know or imagine. We are beyond blessed for being parents to these two amazing little boys.

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