Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cherish your loved ones

As a mentioned on the previous post, I went to the beach with my siblings, mom, nephew and my two little ones. They live in another city and we don't get to spend much time together, so those last few days we were together I cherished them very much. It is really strange to see how your "little" brothers are so grown up and how your sister has a child and a whole life put together.

It is difficult to take that time apart and do something together because everybody has their own life and things they wish to do, but when you really want to do it, you make it happen. It was long overdue this time together, and I came back loving them more than ever because I truly saw and understood that they are all different evolved and changed human beings. I am so glad and blessed to have them part of my life.


Even though there were a few arguments about really silly stuff, I would not change those moments for anything in this world. We did a lot of things together as a family, and those memories are what I will always and truly cherish forever. That's why I encourage you to try to do the same because we never know what lies ahead...

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