Friday, October 28, 2011

Boosterthon Fun Run

Ok, so this morning we went to see A run the Boosterthon Run at his school. It is an event to raise funds for the school and what an event it was.

This morning PK3, PK4 and K run. Sometime later today the other grades run. It was planned to be done at the soccer fields of the school but it rained, so they moved it to the Elementary gym.

It was nice to see all the kids with the same t-shirt and all the parents and grandparents around waiting to see their little ones run. The kids were excited too, at least ours was. Last night I told him he needed to make sure he finished his meal so he could be the fastest one today and he did. He finished it all! And this morning he was so excited and ate all his breakfast.

The Run only lasted an hour and it was ideal that they run 35 laps, and guess what? Anthony did run the 35 laps! It was so exciting to see him run and speed up every once in a while. He run with such a style. He had his hands in an exact 90 degree angle and hands with a fist for power. He was also very focused :)

Half way through Joe took him to get some water, and then he continued to run. A few laps later he got upset and he said he didn't want to run anymore and I told him it was fine. He didn't need to. I took him to get some more water and we came back in and I walked by his side with little D. We got to where he needed to get his t-shirt marked and after that he finished it all by himself!

We are so proud of our boy! He is a great runner and one happy boy :)

Watch this little video of him running...

And some pictures...

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