Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Parade and State Fair

So this weekend we were quite busy. We went to the Homecoming Parade and the State Fair. I had never been to the parade, and I have to say that it was quite good and better than what I imagine. 

This last picture I thought it was pretty funny. It came from the Accounting school of UA :)

Later that day we went to the State Fair. This year was in a much better and safer location we thought. They boys got to ride in just a few of the attractions, because everything is else was for older children, that's why we decided to skip a couple of years and take them back when they are old enough to ride the rest. 

Did you notice the last picture of D "crying"? Ha! He was like that everytime we got him out of a ride. Yep, all fake. Kinda.:)

After a fun-filled family day, I, later that night I went out to eat to celebrate one of my friends birthday, just the girls :) It is nice to have just a girls nite even if you just eat, drink and talk the night away don't you think?

Anyway, Sunday was pretty normal. With the exception of a 2 hour nap we all took. Awesome! A quite peaceful nap time that left all of us happy and rested.
That day later in the afternoon the boys and I went to visit Grandad Charlie and Diane while Joe went to work on Kairos. Did I tell you that he is going to be the Leader for this coming Kairos? I'm so proud of him and he is doing a great job.

Once we were back home and the boys had gone to bed, Joe and I sat down to watch the final episode of season four of our favorite t.v. show, Breaking Bad. Have you watched it? It is REALLY good! If you have Netflix, go and add it your queue, BUT watch it from the beginning. Don't cheat. You'll love me forever for telling you to watch it.

Peace and Love

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