Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've been thinking lately that the internet and my phone are very distractive. If I use it to check my email, I end up checking Facebook and the blogs I like to read. All this is more challenging when everything nowadays happens through email or social networks. But, I've gotten better at determining the time I stay connected and I also try to stay busy to avoid staying connected too long, and the boys and I are doing a lot more in-and-out-of-the house activities. 

I've learned to balance my computer time so I can do the things I want to do and need to do. Setting priorities is very important and that is what I'm doing. I don't want my life to be dependent of social networks or blogs. I don't want to waste hours sitting and browsing when I can go to the park, exercise or do something I like, or been procrastinating to do. I will, however, continue with this blog, but the amount of posts may diminish. And even though I would really like to post every thing that goes on with us and the kiddos, I know what it's best for me.  

I hope everyone continues to have a great week and if you are not having a good one, hang in there, we are half way through! 

Peace and Love

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