Friday, December 23, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

What a  great time of year this is, don't you think?

I love Christmas time not only because it's so festive and we get to attend different Christmas lunches and dinners, but because once again we know who reigns in our lives and who gives us the gift of being able to share and spend one more day with our family and friends.  It is a time to remember the immense love God has for us, and for He gave His one and only son for us- His other children. 

Everyday I am overwhelmed by God's love for me through my children, my family, friends, little but meaningful moments, and even challenges. Every other little thing that makes me a better person. I am very thankful and I only wish to get closer to God and to be able to accomplish all I want to do. 

We can't wait for Christmas morning, so we can see its magic through our children. Anthony keeps asking when is Christmas going to be here, and I told him it was going to be when he saw baby Jesus in the nativity. Yes, we do not set baby Jesus until Christmas morning. It is my Colombian tradition and Joe was kind to go with it. I want the boys to understand through out the years the real meaning of Christmas. It is not only when they see gifts under the tree, but they can see that baby Jesus is born again. A reminder of God's love for us.

 We are grateful for every single one of you, and we wish you the best always...

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