Sunday, December 18, 2011

It feels a lot like Christmas...

 I've been gone, haven't I?

Lots going on. Among those, I went to see my family in Atlanta last week. And being with them means no computer time AT ALL. But anyway, here I am with a quite long post.

You may want to have a cup of coffee or any drink of your preference. You can also take some breaks if you need to ;)

Let's begin shall we?

This year I decided to change the decoration of our Christmas tree. We've had the same ornaments for maybe 6 years? And to tell you the truth I got a little tired of them. The tree looked very pretty but it was also kinda formal for us, and now with the boys I decided to make it all about them, and to make it more kid-friendly. So I went to Target and I found the perfect ornaments, and we added a handmade garland too. I'm in love with our tree! 

Ok, so that's our tree. What do you think?

Also the decor around has changed a lot and there is less of it. Not that it bothers me, it's just that I feel like this year we needed less and more simplicity. 

How many of you parents do the Elf on the Shelf? Our boys LOVE their Elf. Last year they named him Duendecito -spanish for Little Elf- this year, they kept calling him the same and acknowledged him more, his name however, changed to Duane. Joe suggested this name because that's how he would begin to say Duendecito in English. Interesting ha? So Duane is the name of our Elf this year :) 

Anthony had his Christmas program from school and he was great! I teared up a little when I saw him singing. He looked so cute and I knew how much he loved to sing those songs around the house before the big day. 

We were all so proud of him, including his little brother :) I LOVE this photo!!
I also helped with their Christmas party in his classroom and it was a treat to be there, and to see him interact with his friends was really fun. He was also VERY happy to see his mommy in his classroom. He kept going back and forth to give me a hug :). All his friends are really sweet too. 

How about that? I loved having the opportunity to help. It was nice to see what goes on behind the scenes. ;)

Hey, so it has gotten really cold ha? And despite the temperature the boys still want to go outside and play, which I let them of course but I'm not a big fan of very cold weather. It's nice for a while but that's it.

See he even think it's cold! 

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? Joe and I went on Saturday and I have to say that we did a really good job. We used to do the shopping together pre-babies but ever since we had the boys I've been doing it by myself. I have a pretty good Christmas shopping system so I was wondering how it was going to go with my guy coming along. All I have to say is that we are an awesome team! 

I can't believe Christmas is next weekend. Once again, time went by way too fast. Meanwhile we are gonna have a cookies every single day of the week. I've found some good yummy recipes and can't wait to make them with the boys. Cookies and more outdoor time! 

Take care, stay warm and be safe these Holidays! 

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