Thursday, June 23, 2011

All night on his big boy Bed!

So last night was David's second night on his big boy bed and he did great! He slept all night and woke up this morning, walked into our room really sweet saying mamma? mamma? 

We picked him up and got him in bed with us. Kissed him and congratulated him. Now, I need to make myself take the crib apart and reorganize the nursery. I get a little choked up thinking once again that I my kids are growing up too fast, but thankful because we have enjoyed them and loved them so much.

This was him last night

We'll see how he does on his new bed from now on...

And this was our other monkey ready for the lights to be turn off, but excited to see his best friend on the other bed.

On this first one, he's pretending he is asleep

Sometimes I wish there was a pause bottom, but I can't prevent them from enjoying the cool things that are ahead. I just ask for patience and knowledge to teach us the right way to educate our boys and help create kind, loving, respectful human beings for the future. 

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