Friday, June 3, 2011

Drinking Water App

Oh Boy! 

It's HOT in the the South! 

Could it get any hotter?

I hope not! 

Stay cool my friends with the DRINKING WATER app, that is, if you have a smart phone.

The Drinking Water App looks something like this...

You can set the app according to your preferences. I'm many of you have heard or read that we all need to have an average of 8 glasses of water a day, but many including me don't do that.

Lately, I had been feeling very very thirsty and with frequent headaches, specially during really hot days like the ones we've been having here in the south.  I noticed I wasn't drinking enough water and by curiosity I went to the app market on my Android phone  looking for a water drinking app and THERE WAS ONE! And I LOVE IT! It remains me every two hours that I need to drink water, it beeps and it makes this water pouring sound that sounds very refreshing, making me go and serve me a glass.

Try it, you'll like it,  and in addition to that you'll be healthier :)

Have an awesome weekend, stay cool and drink some agua!

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