Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Orleans

Joe and I went to New Orleans for the weekend for a little getaway together, and for my birthday as well. Just the two of us. Something we haven't done since.. we had the boys. It was nice to be together talking about soulful stuff, silly stuff, food, places, art, music, beignets (spell check?), muffaletas,  and how much we missed the boys among other things. Even though we missed the boys like crazy it was nice to be able to go to late night shows of bands and artists. We walked so much that our feet and legs were very sore (oh lazy bums!)-no wonder why there are Reflexology Massage places all over the New Orleans. VERY SMART. 

Day 1.

Left Thursday afternoon and made it right for dinner. We ate at the Gumbo Shop and after dinner we walked some. Went for late night music and refreshments at Three Muses. Very cozy place.

 Day 2. 

Breakfast at??? Cafe Du Monde of course! For some yummy beignets and coffee. 

Went to the Saint Louis Cemetery which is full of character and history. 

Tomb of Marie Lavoe. Voodoo queen. 

 For lunch we went to Central Grocery to try what we found out to be the best Muffaleta in town. Yum, that was good!

We scouted around the French Market.
After walking for hours under a 100 degree weather, we had to take a brake at our hotel. Took a nap, woke up, got ready and headed out for dinner. One of Joe's friends suggested to eat at Bayona. We didn't. Reservations strongly suggested because it's a small restaurant. Joe's grandparents suggested Antoine's. We couldn't because it was reserved for a wedding reception and also, we did not have the right clothes to go there. I guess next time. We ended up at NOLA, one of Emeril Lagasse's Restaurants. The food and service were outstanding! 
After dinner we went to Preservation Hall to see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Great atmosphere, and music in a super old place.

 When the show was over we went to eat Gelatto at La Divina 
Later that night we went to Blue Nile to see the Soul Rebels Brass Band. Great band, great music. But before the show started we hung out around and watched a young band tearing the block up with awesome music. It was sort of a block party. People dancing and singing everywhere. These guys stopped traffic! New Orleans is full of life, culture and flavor. Awesome city.

Long day, tired souls headed back to the hotel for a night of sleep and ready for the next.

Day 3

Happy Birthday to me :)

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde. Oh yes, we did! My love got the trumpet guy outside and asked him to sing the Happy Birthday song to me. So sweet! And yes, I was a little embarrassed, but what the heck, it was my day.

Check the guy behind us doing the bunny ears ha! 

Went to Magazine Street area and ate at Mahony's for lunch. The po-boys were good but the wait was way too long! Onion rings were really good and super thin. After this we rode the street car down St Charles Ave. Stopped for some drinks at New Orleans Original Daiquiris-they have non-alcoholic flavors as well. Went to mass at Loyola Church-what a beautiful place!

After a long hot humid day of walking we went back to shower and get ready for dinner. We ended up eating at Red Fish Grill. Great service and they gave us a free yummy dessert for my birthday. How nice of them... 
Took a cab and went to Rock and Bowl! It was a fun place. Fun night we had bowling and watching and listening to Kermit Ruffins live. It was a great birthday!

Day 4

Our last day at the Big Easy. Yes we had breakfast at the place we did for the last three days. What an obsession! But they are so good and you might as well, since you are there. 
Went back to the French Market and got a few souvenirs and gifts for the boys. Joe also got me also got me beautiful piece of art for my birthday, a painting.
Checked out at the hotel and picked some lunch at Jonny's Po-Boys that we ate at Congo Park. After eating we got in the car and headed back home to see our little munchkins...

Note: I may have missed a lot of the things we did because we did a lot and it a bit difficult to remember everything and be so detailed about it. But I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we had fun ,and also some info maybe useful to you when you want to go and see the city. Also, pictures are few of what we took with my phone and camera; that's why some don't look very sharp. AND, I can scratch one thing of my list. My visit to New Orleans.

WHEW...! That was a long post wasn't it?

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