Thursday, September 15, 2011

blessings and priorities

I have been working as an on-call translator for our county's school system for about a month already. And I know it is too soon to say it, but I like it. I, not only work at my own time, but I am also able to help others.

I sympathize with those who have a hard time understanding and communicating English, because I went through the same situation before.

Today was my second time to go to a Special Education school. I was there for a meeting with one of the parents wanting to enroll her child with disabilities, her second child with disabilities! I can't even describe because it hurts my heart to think about it. 

In this school, every child has a disability, and by that I mean it is something important or serious that needs to be addressed. Something that doesn't not allow him or her to have a regular social life. A life like mine or my children's. 

Knowing about these families and seeing these children with disabilities have open my eyes to recognized and appreciate the countless blessings I have. I immensely admire the mom I was with today, and the many others that go through the same thing every single day. 

I am deeply thankful that my children can run, scream, laugh, see, speak, listen, communicate and love. I am deeply thankful that they are perfect physically, mentally and emotionally.

It also makes me sad to know that many are not like mine. Why not? I wonder. Why some have to go through difficulties like these and have a hard time? Maybe they just need to be here on Earth to maintain sensitivity, love and compassion alive on this Earth. Maybe we all have to know about, and see the hardships of others to remember that we are not the only ones on Earth. To remember that we are selfish, and we sometimes care only about ourselves. To remember that we are truly blessed, and we should really have nothing to complain about. Our lives are perfectly imperfect.

I cried this morning after leaving that meeting. I just couldn't take it.

I called Joe sobbing, and told him about the meeting, and how blessed we are to have the children we have. 

I hugged my boys as strong as I could, and ask them for forgiveness for loosing my patience at times, for not always being nice to them, for wishing they didn't move as much as they do sometimes, and for not wanting them to be as crazily loud as they are sometimes. Don't take this wrong. Our boys have a pretty awesome life, and very loving and caring parents. Because we do. We love them more than anything in this world. It was just a reminder that there are many out there that have it more difficult.

I am thankful and blessed my children are this way. I am beginning to see everything with different eyes, and yes, I am only human, and will probably still have hard days as a mom. But I will remember all these parents that are going through more difficult times and learn from them. 

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