Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've been wanting to paint so badly! 

But, really the only thing that holds me back is that we have our house for sale and if I get all my stuff out, it will look a little messy when there is a showing; also, the smell of the paint would be a little too much for the guests walking around. 

However, I remembered when we walked into the house we live now, and the previous residents had all their paints and drawing table out. I really didn't care, and honestly, I can't remember if it was messy or not. Oh well, the point is that I may just start painting again and pick up as much as I can when we have people looking at the house. After all, it's a house and people LIVE in it. 


After my retreat, I feel like Joe and I are more in tune with one another -at least on my part. I understand now with clarity what he goes through every time he goes on a Kairos weekend, and the blessings the prisoners receive over the weekend. It is such an amazing experience, and I wish I could explain better, but you really have to be there to know it. Even though for many, it takes a while to click in.

Anyway, I feel like I also understand and appreciate more the hardships of others and that truly, all our problems can be solved with the help of prayers. To me, it is a calming experience, but it also helps me concentrate, and sometimes it's difficult because my mind begins to wander around with thoughts such as "Did I put the clothes in the dryer?", "What day is it that I have that meeting?", "I need to call our dentist and make an appointment", "I need to start writing letters", "Ugh, I have to wake up early tomorrow and I am NOT a morning person", "What should I make A for lunch?" etc, etc. But once again, I remind my self that I need to be PERSISTENT and that I and only I can do what I would like to do and be who I want to be. 

Oh and guess what? I might be joining the Kairos kitchen team, that is if I pass my background check, because you never know with us Colombians ha ha! 

Peace and Love

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