Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long weekend

We began the weekend with Anthony making everyone a superhero badge :) 

My friend Brandy and I went to the kick-off game on Saturday- UA vs Kent St-, and even though I didn't feel like going the day before due to a bad throat infection accompanied by  bad headaches that paid me a visit since Thursday, I felt better on Saturday to go to the game ( I made myself feel better, I didn't want the tickets to go to waste). Anyway, after all, we had a good time. Thanks Tommy and Julie for the tickets! And for babysitting too :)

We also had a very special visit this weekend, my mom came to visit us! She lives in Atlanta, and as I have mentioned before we don't see her often, maybe once a month, which is not enough for me.

I love having her over, and the boys too, including Joe. Joe was actually missing her a lot too, because he kept asking when was I going to invite my mom to come. I told him she didn't need an invitation to come see us. He giggled naughtily. I said, she can just call and say :"I'm coming! Are you guys gonna be home?" And we usually are, so neither does she or my siblings or in-laws or cousins or uncles and aunts or grandparents need an invitation, our home is always open for our loved ones.

The boys had a grand time with her, playing games, reading, snuggling, etc. I love to see them spend time together :)

And you know what happens when we see Bita... haircut for the boys and me! Well, only for the boys this time. Don't they look handsome? :)

Anyway, so it also rained like crazy on Monday. Our power went out a couple of times throughout the day and later in the afternoon was gone for maybe 2 hours. We had a very relaxed day doing nothing! Just snuggling and chatting the day away. I love days like that...

Today, we run some errands and I found a huge frame for, listen to this, $8 bucks! It was probably $60 at the beginning, then it went down to $29.99, and for the size I though it was a good price so I took it to the register and the lady gave me a 70% discount! Seriously? What a great deal that was! Especially for a really nice frame that I'm going to paint black because is golden now, and that is 24in X 36 in. Anyway, the frame is going to be for the boys artwork I showed you all in a previous post.

One last thing, we have an open house this coming weekend and I'm starting to freak out a little. I want the house to look nice, but I also feel weird about it? It just feels a little invasive that we are gonna have strangers walking around our house. 

See how ironic it is that at the beginning of this post I said our house is always open to our loved ones? Well, now is gonna be open for strangers too!

Wish us luck and have a great week!

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