Friday, September 9, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Painting

The morning before yesterday I took a break from cleaning, painting and organizing the house. D and I usually play and spend some good time together, but I have been so into the house that this morning, I looked at David roaming around the house playing by himself that I felt so bad. I was so focused on making my kitchen look nice for Sunday, that I put my baby on hold. 

I stopped what I was doing, washed my hands, and he and I went to get some modeling clay to play with. I thought maybe we could recreate a scene from a book, and he chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar -Spanish version. One of his favorites.

He sat on the kitchen table, and we began to work with the clay. I showed him how to do little balls and sticks, and little things like that. Then I put the book in front of him, and guided him into recreating a page of the book.

One the second picture, the green parts are the caterpillar and the red one is an apple :)

And on the next set, on the very first picture on the left, he used the straw to make the body of the butterfly. He is so smart! He also thought it was better to "feed" the caterpillar, so he piled up the modeling clay against the book. He makes me smile.

Sometimes, what we think is more important is not. To me he is the most important. Not the cabinets nor the drawers. But sometimes, there are things we cannot avoid, and we have to learn how to manage everything without feeling guilty. I felt guilty this morning...but never lost sight of what is most valuable in my life.

I'll do my best to leave the house presentable, but I will also not leave my kids on hold. Painting and cleaning can wait...

On another note, I got the boys' painting we were working on, up on the wall. It looks really nice. 

Remember I said I wanted to keep working on it? Well, we did, and I actually gave them some foam to work with. They thought that was interesting.
It was finished last week, but I didn't have the frame. And when I got that frame I told you about, all it took me was to spray paint it and hang it.


Ta da!  
(You can probably see a little bit of the window blinds reflection)

 Don't you L O V E  it ?!

I do.
They are my Picasso.

 Now, that's what I call art! 

Have a great weekend...

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