Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer ending / Fall beginning

We had a great summer and we went to the pool as much as we could and the weather allowed it. To be honest, some days were WAY TOO HOT to be even outside, but overall we had a blast!

How was your summer?

Our boys are swimming on their own - well with their life jackets on that is -. They kick their legs and move their arms, and they actually advance quite some distances :) 

The weather is still pretty warm but the mornings are slowly cooling off, I love it! As much as I love summer, it felt like this year was even hotter than usual, don't you think? Well, at least where we live.

Anthony officially became a Preschooler, and to this day, he loves to go to school every single day. He learns a lot and has fun. The negative part I would say, is that he's been bitten twice already. One on the forehead and one on his hand. My question is, how can you bite a forehead? That had to be difficult, don't you think? ha! 

Anyway, so, yea, it totally sucks, but apparently is normal for kids his age to bite. Upsetting, yes. But what are we going to do? Withdraw him? No, we are not. We are teaching him to ask for help, and separate from kids who are not being very nice. And honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if he bites back one day.

So, life has just been... life.


We went to see my family this past weekend to celebrate my nephew's birthday party. My sister did an amazing job with everything and all the kids had a great time! 

When we wait for my mom to get off work we usually ride every little ride there is, and the train that goes around the mall, and go to Bass Pro Shop and look the huge fishes in the tank. 


We hope you had great summer and you are also enjoying cooler mornings and less humid afternoons.

And thanks for keep reading this blog. I like doing it because it brings back memories when I look back at older posts. 

Take care everyone!

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