Saturday, November 26, 2011

I think we made it...

Last week Anthony got really sick from a virus that made him have a fever for 3 days. He's never gotten that sick before and he spent most of this time in the couch or in bed.

David was a great helper. He helped by putting cold towels on his forehead among other things, he was so sweet to his brother. But that little dude had to also get some rest.

While they slept I thought I would do something productive even though as I was really tired after waking up constantly throughout the night attending Anthony. So this is what I did.

Yep, I labeled their closet. This way is easier for my husband to find their clothes and for my lovely mother in law -who LOVES doing laundry and can't help but helping me- to sort the clothes out when I'm not there :) 

And I also label these toy baskets. I'm trying to do that with the ones that go on baskets or containers. When I tie them to the baskets I'll show you (if I remember).

And THEN, it was my turn to get sick. Oh yeah baby. I got really sick. I don't remember the last time I felt this bad. Bed bound for 3+ days is not fun, but I did get to rest. 

I missed Thanksgiving lunch with the family- what a bummer. 

I tried to watch the movie Gone with the wind, but I couldn't understand half a thing they were saying (you know English is my second language) so I didn't finish it, even though it's one of those movies you have to watch before you die. Maybe I'll rent it one day and put subtitles ;)

What else have I done? Oh yes, I've slept a lot, A LOT. I also watched the movie Elf. I have never really watched it from beginning to end. Funny stuff! I also watched Avatar, again. One of my favorite movies. So beautiful and creative, and what a great message!  

On a good note, Joe helped me with the boys and some other things around the house. Thank you mister T! I love you more :) 

So here I am writing this post because I'm super bored but feeling better -I think?- and hoping the Crimson Tide wins the Iron Bowl! 

What side are you on?

Roll Tide! 

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