Friday, November 11, 2011


Long post peeps. I thought after a week of absence I had to make it worth.

Well, we've been busy. 
We had a great Halloween and the boys enjoyed it very much. They are always wanting to dress up, so I let them. Halloween in our house is an all year round festivity :)

So like I said, the boys like to dress up CONSTANTLY :) I feel sometimes that's what I do all day. Changing them into different costumes throughout the day.

Have you ever seen Captain America in action? Check this out! ! 

And how about Batman? 

They do this EVERY DAY! 

They wrestle in our freshly made bed every day! Some days I don't even bother. Really.


What else? 

We went to the UA vs LSU game. What a great time we had. Sad ending though. And I had to share a pic of both of us. We don't have many.

On another note. David is going through a huge milestone. PT=potty training.

We began potty training last week, and he is doing AWESOME! He pretty much does it all now, but he still has a diaper at night time. My second mission is the paci. He doesn't have it during the day at all (unless he sees it), other than that, he only has it for nap and night time, but I take it off as soon as he's fallen asleep. 

And how about Anthony? Well, he is LOVING school. He truly is. 


I've been trying to stay busy and to find some mommy time. And I have found the perfect outlets. I joined the MOMs group from our church and I have been going for several weeks already. It is a perfect time for me to socialize and to also do bible study. I love it and it's healing. I've learned so much and I've realized that all of us moms go through the same situations. I am not the only one. It's great. They are all great ladies! 

I have also been grouping. And by that I mean, a group from the Cursillo retreat. Also, a really good time to meditate about my personal and spiritual growth. I've missed a few because of work, but I am now arranging that in a way that I don't miss them again. We'll see how it goes.

On another note, Fall is definitely here. The trees are absolutely beautiful changing colors. I love it. It's getting more chilly as the time goes by but we are  ready for it. I think. And we still go to the playground :)

I hope you guys have a great weekend! And don't forget to pull for the Crimson Tide! 

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