Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Cold Gloomy Day!

It's Tuesday and it's cold,

and gloomy.

It's one of those to just lay down, watch t.v, and eat all day long. 

It is nice though that the season is kind of defining itself. It is good to know that summer is officially gone and we made it and had fun. Fall is here and soon winter will be. A time for much loving family time that I know many love and desire. A time to remember that you are not the only one that leads your life, but that there is a higher power I call God leading us to a better and more meaningful life.

Sickness came and visit us and we are so glad is out. It thought us how fragile we can be, and it's o.k. to let your body rest sometimes. It is that awesome machine that takes through all the assignments and things we have to do or want to do. A machine that needs care, and sometimes, it just fails to work properly. 

Seeing one of our boys sick and being sick personally, made me realize that even though we fell really bad, we were a lot better that many others. It made me appreciate my health even more. It remind me that we cannot do it all, and it's just fine.

Today I'm thankful for this cold gloomy day that reminds me how bright my life is. 

[our backyard trees today]

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