Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is Heaven?

Anthony got a blue beta fish for his birthday and David named him Boo. The boys loved to see him and feed him everyday. Sadly, Boo died two weeks ago. We buried him in our backyard and said a prayer for him. He was a great pet and company :)

Over the weekend we got another beta fish. This one is purple, a very pretty fish.

On our way home we talked about what we were going to name him and the boys kept saying Boo. We told them that maybe we needed to choose another  name for this very different fish, and Joe had to tell them again that he had gone to Heaven. Well, Anthony answered back with the question, "what is Heaven?" And my husband gave a sweet answer appropriate for a curious little 3 year old. He told him, "Heave is the place you go when you die. A place where you will always be with God having fun playing games and singing songs". And Anthony said "so is Boo singing songs?" Joe answered "I'm sure he is and he is also swimming with all his fish friends".

Apparently Anthony was satisfied with that answer because he didn't say anything else until we were almost home and he said. "I want to go to Heaven!" And then it hit me like a bag of rocks. I thought "Oh my God, if only he knew how much he would be missed!" Joe said "Not yet" or something like that. "But when you do, God will take care very good care of you". After a few seconds pause Anthony said " But I don't know how to get to Heaven" Joe answered " God will show you the way".

That was it. The conversation was over. 

Sometimes I don't know how I will answer those kind of profound questions, but I do hope that when the time comes I do my best. Thank God Joe was there to answer them because I honestly wasn't prepared, and maybe he wasn't either, but I think he did a really good job. Hopefully I do the same when my time comes.

And yes, the new fish's name stays as Boo :)

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