Thursday, March 8, 2012

Driving with distractions

I feel the need to share this because I think it's important and an important message for mommies that drive their little ones around. 

My mom was involved in a car wreck early this morning and had to be taken to the hospital because they thought she had broken her chest bone-I don't know the name of it. Thankfully she  and my nephew who was riding with her are well and already at home resting and recovering. The reason why I'm sharing this, it's because the person who hit her  was a momma with two little ones -3 and 5 to be exact. The mom turned her head back to look at her kids and by the time she turned around it was too late, they were all already involved in a collision. Thankfully they were all fine. 

I, personally do that many times. I turn my head to answer to my name calling, to hand them snacks or a sip of something.  We as moms begin to do things we never did before and we get pretty good at it -we think. When I ride with my mom and she sees me doing that, she gets uncomfortable and reminds me that it is dangerous to get my eyes of the road, even for a few seconds.  Today, the things that sometimes I thing it's nagging, happened to her. I was scared and very worried for her. I teared up a little and thank God that she was well, despite the circumstance. 

Moms and future ones, or whoever has little ones in the car with you. Lets all be more conscious about our driving and the things we do. I know, sometimes, you can't help it because they are crying or fighting or whatever. Lets just all be more careful and make better decisions. 

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