Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Update

We went to see my mom to check on her after her accident, to visit and baby her. She is feeling better but still feeling sore. However, her recovery has been pretty fast and well. Thanks to you who sent your regards, said a prayer and for your concern. I appreciate it.

This week is Spring Break so I've set the week for the boys with activities and play dates so they don't get bored and have fun. 

We love doing puzzles so we worked in one we haven't done in a while. 

The children's area at the book store is one of our favorite places because there is this little train table the boys like to play at and they don't necessarily have to be as quite as at the library, even though we read books also.

I realized how much I miss this little guy now that he's been home with us. But I know he enjoys school very much that makes me happy to think that he is in a good place. 

Here he is snacking on apples and peanut butter.

We went bowling with some friends and that was very fun and funny! Kids are so hilarious trying to bowl. We are definitely doing it again, and I thank my friend Emily for having the idea :)
The kids used the bumpers to slide the ball through while pushing it down. We got pretty good scores despite the speed, and I scored 3 strikes! Woo Hoo! I also realized that I need a hair cut, more like a trim I would say. My hair doesn't look very pretty on the picture. Ha! 

The boys went to the dentist. Anthony got his teeth cleaned and was really good. David, on the other hand, cried and covered his face and mouth. Not a very pretty scene, but our dentist got to check his teeth. Feedback from our dentist? The boys teeth are perfect! And their favorite part? The lollipops and goodie bags - with tooth paste, tooth brushes, coloring sheets and frozen yogurt gift certificate - they got after they were done.

And we call this, Lollipop Power! :)

We went to Joe's work and visit him and grandpa and grandad. Grandad is very silly! And Anthony wanted to do the same :)

To be continued...

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