Monday, March 5, 2012

you can't go!

Every morning when Anthony and Joe are walking out the door to leave for school, our little David does this.

He blocks the door. Every time.

If he sees that A is getting his jacket on or right after their daily prayer, D runs to the door, stands still giggling and spreads his arms like he's about to give a big hug, then he says:"You can't go!" We all smile and Joe tricks him to make his way out the door. 
He tells him that there are some sort of dinosaur in the living room to make him turn and go look for it. He used to fall for it but not anymore. He actually tells Joe :"Yea. ook!".  The trick stopped working. He's gonna have to find another trick. :)

It's become a game in the mornings. However, I can't help to think that really doesn't want his best buddies to leave. He wants to come with them. It makes me sad sometimes, but it also makes me feel better when I see that he also enjoys being with his mamma. That makes me happy. 

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