Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These days...

The boys are in a beautiful stage and I don't mean that the ones before weren't, it's just that in this stage you seem to be able to appreciate their personality development. How they interact with each other, how the love on each other and how they get on each others' nerves, but above all, I love to see them present. 

Everyday is a privilege for us and there is nothing in this world that we would trade for them. We love them from the bottom of our heart and sometimes that love is beautifully intoxicating because all we want to do is kiss and hug them and never stop. Their company is beautiful and complete. They are perfect little pieces of us. Perfect from head to toe. Prefect gifts from above. They came to this world at the perfect time. 

A lot of people ask if we are going to have another one. Maybe the girl? And even though that would be nice I would be also ok if we didn't. I don't wanna have to think that our third try was a fail because we didn't get the girl. It doesn't really matter. We receive what is meant for us. I'm fine with that. I would love whoever is next just as much as the ones we have now. Maybe perhaps we could adopt a baby. I don't know. But at the moment however, I feel like we are ok, maybe later we will, have another baby that is. Or maybe not, who knows. We can make decisions one day and change them the next, and I think that happens to everyone. 

Anyway, I just wanted to write this as a reminder of how I feel about our little ones. I don't wanna forget and I know I never will. Love like this, it is not meant to be forgotten. It is eternal. 

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