Monday, February 13, 2012

I wonder what they'll be...?

Over the weekend, we went to see our niece play volleyball. She is very talented and a great athlete. 
We drove about an hour both days to see her play and to support her. My in-laws were there and it is always nice to see them also. I'm lucky to have amazing in-laws in my life. I really am.

While seating in the bleachers I looked around at all the parents, grandparents and family that had come down to see their girls play. It was nice. Many cheered for their girls even though they were loosing the game, and some cheered at pure excitement for winning. Either way, every girl was being loved and supported by her family. 

I think often when I look at the boys, about what they would like to be or do when they are big. Lately, I think about it often. I don't know why. Or maybe I do. I think I just want them to be happy with whatever they choose to do. I know we all have dreams for our children but at then end, they will be the ones who will choose what they want to be. And Joe and I will support them in whatever they want to do. We both agree on that. 

We want them to try whatever they want. No matter what it is or what people think about it. They are smart and we will support them and guide them to make the best choice for their happiness. I'm sure there will be times in which they will be confused and so will we, but I pray that we get the wisdom to be the best advisors we can be. 

We face challenges as parents, but we choose this path of parenthood and we vowed to be the best we can be.  

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